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Automatic Gate Maintenance: Maintaining Electric Gates

Automatic gate maintenance is a critical aspect of their safe and smooth operation. Without maintaining electric gates properly, they can not only seize up and stop operating, but can become a risk to health and cause physical injury.

Automation systems enable you to control the access to your commercial and industrial premises, your driveway, garage and even your home. A simple press of a button or switch makes it easy for you and authorized persons to gain access through gates designed to keep out those without the authorization to enter. You will expect it to operate correctly when that button is pressed.

Electric Gates: What Can Go Wrong!

A lot can go wrong with automatic electric gates. It’s not just the motor itself that can burn out or fail, but there are other issues – including those that cause your motor to become overloaded.¬† Most electric motors will run for years without failing, as long as they are looked after and not asked to carry out work beyond their capabilities. Here is a brief explanation of why each component of an electric gate must be correctly maintained, and how neglecting automatic gate maintenance can be dangerous and costly.

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Wheels and Tracking System

Many automatic electric gates run on a tracking system. Wheels on the moving part of the gate run on a track, either a rail set into the driveway itself or on a separate metal track fitted as part of a cantilever system.

If the track becomes clogged with leaves, mud grit, stones or any other contamination, the wheels will not run smoothly and the electric motor can become overloaded. The same is true if the track becomes damaged in any way or if the wheels are damaged or running untrue. Regular gate maintenance will ensure that tracks and wheels are clean and in good condition. The tracks themselves will be cleaned out and inspected for damage, and the wheels will be checked for misalignment or any other issue.

Electric Gate Hinges

Electric swing gates can be operated in a number of ways, include underground operation and electrically operated rams. Some electric gate hinges are electrified, while others act as a simple hinge. Some are of the traditional swing hinge type, while others come in the form of pins rotating in a circular base.

Irrespective of the type of hinge you have, it is important that it is correctly lubricated and fee of corrosion. It is also essential that hinges are not taking any more load than they are designed for. Proper hinge maintenance will preserve the life of your electric gate hinges and keep them operating smoothly.

Intercom System

An intercom system is employed with many automatic gate installations where casual visitors need to be identified.  This is the case with most gated communities, many business entrances and the entrance to driveways leading to private homes.

Irrespective of which of the above situations we are discussing, the driver of the visiting vehicle may have to provide identification before being permitted entrance. It is essential that the intercom system operates effectively. The maintenance of such communications systems is just as important as maintaining the electric gates themselves. If the intercom system fails, can you permit a visitor to enter or not?

Automatic Gate Maintenance: The Electric Motor

Many people make sure that all the moving parts are clean, well lubricated and on track, but forget the meat of the system.  The electric motor is what drives the entire thing and you may have more than one motor. This is particularly true if you have dual swinging gates. If the motor fails, nothing works!

Safety of Electric Driveway Gates

Safety is of extreme importance, particularly with industrial gates that are not isolated from the general public and pedestrians. There must be systems in place to prevent accidental crushing when gates open and close. Another issue is shear. All shear zones should protected by safety devices designed to prevent members of the public or employees becoming trapped.


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