Convenience and Security


An Intercom and remote access system will add Convenience and Security to your gating system. We have a wide range of security features available  to choose from:



An in-car device:

You may have a push-button on your dash.  This sends a signal to the motor that opens the gates. The benefit of this type of system is that you have no need to leave your car to open your garage doors or drive gates. As you approach the gates you simply press the button, and they open. They will either close once you are through, or you can press another button to close them. Other systems open the gates automatically as your car approaches.


Press Pad:

If you choose, the swing gates can be opened using a press-pad situated next to them. In this case you have to leave your car to open the gate. It is possible to locate the pad on a post so that you can press it when you approach the gates.


Keypad Operation:

Swing gates can also be operated using a keypad.  Such pads can be programmed to accept a certain key code. This code can be changed at will – either daily, weekly or often never at all! This is a more secure method of protecting a driveway or garage than a simple press pad or even a dash button.  That is because it relies on a code that can be restricted to authorized people. In the event of you feeling that the code might have been revealed to others, then you can easily change it.


Intercom Control:

It is also possible to attach an intercom system to the side of the swing gates.  Anybody needing access must contact security or any resident in the property to have the gates opened. Many properties operate this system for visitors and also either a dash button or a keypad code for those that have been authorized for unrestricted entry.


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