Aluminium Gates

Aluminium Gates: Automatic Gates in Aluminium

Aluminium gates are both strong and light enough in weight to enable them to be easily opened and closed. Automatic gates in aluminium are particularly popular because they can be powered with significantly lower powered electric motors than are required for cast iron or steel gates.


However, aluminium has more going for it than just its high strength to weight ratio. It is very easy to cut and shape, and aluminium parts can be joined using most common techniques including welding, riveting and bolting. It can also be coated and painted to create practically any type of desired finish.  Not just that, but this metal does not rust and will last for many years in the most inclement of weather conditions.


Why Select Aluminium Gates?


The answers lie in the comments above. By using aluminium, your gates can be finished to look just like wood – theoretically any wood grain and color of your choice. They can be given a final tough coating to help protect the finish, and since the aluminium does not corrode, warp or in any other way change in wet, hot or cold conditions, the gate will last longer than any other type of automatic gate.


Aluminium automatic gates are easy to clean using soapy water and will maintain their fresh looks for many years.  They can be used for swing gates or sliding gates in domestic, commercial and industrial properties and are ideal for use with electric motors. Because there is less force required for your motors to operate such gates, the motors themselves will last longer and will also be more economical, both to purchase and to run.


Automatic Gates in Aluminium Vs Cast Iron Gates


Cast iron and even steel adds a great deal of weight to gates, and so heavier hinges and fittings are needed to hang them securely.  All of this adds to the power require by a motor to operate the gate.  The small electric motors use for aluminium gates have to be beefed up to operate cast iron gates, thus adding to the capital cost and running costs.


Iron gates must be properly cleaned to prevent them from corroding, particularly where intricate designs are involved.  Aluminium gates are easy to hose down, and if paintwork does get scratched or chipped the metal will not rust as iron will.


The lighter weight of aluminium enables them to be opened and closed with less force and momentum, so they are safer in the event of them striking somebody. Overall, they are cheaper to run, lighter, safer, last longer, cost less to operate, are virtually maintenance-fee and look good.


Aluminium gates are the best choice by far. Automated gates in aluminium are certainly the first choice for most people for domestic automatic gates, and while industrial gates tend to be in cast iron or steel there is no genuine reason why they should be.


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