Automated Swing Gates

Automatic gates save time and effort, just as automatic garage doors do. In fact, if your garage door is automated, it seems a bit counter-productive to have to stop at the gate to your driveway to open it manually and then activate the garage door.

There are several types of automated gate installations available for your home. The form you use will be dependent upon your preferred style and whether or not you are using them for security. The following discussion should help you choose the type of automatic gate that best meets your needs.

Automated Swing Gates

The name is self-explanatory. Swing gates come in single or double designs. Which you use will depend upon the width of your drive, the space available to enable a single gate to open fully and also on your personal preference. Some people prefer the symmetry of double swing gates, and also the fact that they usually open quicker than a single wide gate. A double gate also has a more classy appearance to it.

Single swing gates will usually cost less than the double version because you require only one drive mechanism against the two of the double gates. Misalignment of the central lock is not a problem, although the single gate is the heavier of the two options and may need a larger drive motor thus offsetting part of the cost saving of a single motor.



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