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Woodside Bay Estate: Driveway Security Gates and Intercom System

The stunning Woodside Bay Estate driveway security gates were installed in a marine environment which can be particularly harsh on driveway gates and their essential structural components. High winds and saltwater spray demand a corrosion-resistant construction with secure footings and strong structural components.

This stunningly impressive gateway was designed to combine strength with beauty, and it succeeds admirably. The requirement was for a security entrance and exit gate for authorized vehicles and a separate gate for pedestrians to gain access and leave. It was designed with durability and impressive looks in mind, while also incorporating security features to ensure privacy from unauthorized persons or vehicles.

Driveway Security Gates and Corrosion Resistance

A combination of salt water spray and oxygen is extremely corrosive. Any ferrous metal, such as iron and steel, coming into contact with such a mixture must be protected using an inert coating. The components used for these driveway security gates are powder coated for maximum protection.

This involves covering the surface with a powdered resinous material which is then heated to melt it into a very corrosion-resistant surface. Because the powder is melted onto the surface, there is little possibility of it forming the small pits common with ordinary paints. All it takes is a tiny pinprick of unprotected metal and the seawater will attack the metal beneath.

It is not only the gate panel itself that is coated in this way, but also the frame and its welding. The steel posts bearing the gates are galvanized for added protection. These have also been powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance. This prevents corrosion of the load-bearing components of the gates which are fundamental to the strength of the entire installation.

Details of the Entrance and Driveway Security Gates

The gating involves two automated self-closing gates. Entry to the estate comprises an entry gate in the form of a 4.35 metres wide single pivot gate for vehicles and a pedestrian gate of 1.19 metres wide. The height of each is 1.8 metres. The footings were substantial to ensure maximum strength and stability: 600 mm diameter holes dug down to 1.5 metres.

The pivot gates are supported on galvanized and powder coated steel posts, with dimensions of 200mm x 200mm x 5mm. There is one main pivot gate fabricated using 125mmx 50mm x 4.5mm structural alloy. The frame is fully welded and powder coated and is fitted with a 3 mm backing panel. The cladding is in the form of black cedar batons 65 mm x 40 mm, with decorative laser cut screens 4 mm thick decorating the gate façade.

Magnetic Locks for High Winds

High winds can be an issue in this particular location. It is possible for gates such as these to be blown open by the strength of the winds against the solid gate paneling. However, just as the corrosion problems have been solved, we have also solved the issue of high wind forces. A magnetic triple locking system has been used – magnetic locks are very powerful. Two magnetic locks are activated when the gates are closed and one when open.

There a single pedestrian gate to the side of the main entrance gates. This is structured just the same as the main gates. It is fitted with a self-closing mechanism and decorated with a 4 mm laser cut screen in the same way as the main vehicle gates.

Marine Grade Locks With Digital Operation

The locking mechanism for the main vehicle gating system is a Borg B15000 marine grade lock, with a digital push button operation. The automated system is a BFT LUx G BT 2b 24V with a double lock. This is suitable for 3 to 5 metre gates fitted with the Thalia P control panel used.

The laser cut decoration provides a fabulous-looking light grey pattern against the dark powder coating of the main gate panels. These gates are truly magnificent, offering not only an impressively strong barrier, but also an artistic creation appropriate for the use of the premises within. You can have any form of decoration on your own gates, since laser cutting can be used to create any pattern you desire.

Intercom for Added Security

An intercom system has also been used to add security to the entire driveway gate system. The intercom system is a CPT-Gate-E Brushed Stainless Steel Keypad Gate Station. Unauthorized visitors must use the intercom to gain access – although it can be disabled when this could be inconvenient.

The intercom dimensions are 120mm wide x 250mm high and 50mm deep. The system includes a 7-inch colour monitor with photo-capture for added security. An added extra to the system is a ground loop to detect car movement which opens the gate automatically when a vehicle is leaving the property.

The ground loop, set underneath the surface of the driveway, automatically opens the main gate when a vehicle passes over it. This facilitates leaving the premises without having to stop and manually open the gate. The gate closes automatically once the vehicle has passed through. This is just one of the features of these awesome driveway security gates that people love.

Driveway Security Gate: Outstanding Features

The major outstanding features of this driveway gate are:

  • Durability to salt water spray provided by the tough powder coating.
  • Impact durability also offered by the powder coating.
  • Further strength and stability provided by the deep footings.
  • Structural stability in high winds.
  • Enhanced security offered by a keypad and video intercom system.
  • Automatic opening on exit.
  • Automatic gate closure.
  • Stunning decoration of the gate panels.

These driveway security gates are not only exceptionally secure, but they will draw gasps of admiration for their stunning beauty. They not only look spectacular, but are also durable, tough and strong. The security systems will deter unwanted intruders and, frankly, they are everything you might want of a secure, strong driveway gating solution.

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Automatic Gate

We are offering a  free Design & Consultation Service to help our clients find the best automated gate solution for their property.

Driveway gates do more than just separate the entrance to a property from the roadway and provide a high level of security, but they also convey a lasting impression on visitors to the property. The design features of an automated driveway gate should:

  • Look like it belongs to the area it protects
  • Be simple to operate
  • Protect the home by deterring unwanted visitors and criminals
  • Look good
  • Be light yet strong, and resistant to all weather conditions
  • Be easy to maintain

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