Electric Gate Automation

Electric Gate Automation Benefits

There are many electric gate automation benefits! Manually operated driveway gates have their own benefits – though not many of them. It might keep you fit having to jump out of your car to open your driveway gates, but few would appreciate this on a cold, dark winter night! Then there is the security aspect, where you have to fumble for your padlock or gate lock key and hope you still have it on you and nobody is lurking in the shadows waiting for the gate to be opened! Why bother?

Sure, manually operated gates look good and they seem natural to you because you simply flip the latch or even open the padlock then pull them back – or push them forward depending on how your gate works. Some manually operated gates can also slide on rails, taking up less space to operate. So why use electric gates if you can do it yourself? Here’s why.

Electric Gate Automation

Electric gate automation enables you to open and close your gates using an in-car or hand-held transmitter, much like the key transmitter you use to open and close your car doors. It makes no difference whether you have sliding gates or swing gates. Many prefer swing gates because they involve less maintenance. But let’s face it, sliding gates take up less space and all you need do is to make sure the runners are clear of debris.

Unlike the manually-operated versions, electrically-operated gates are not easily opened by intruders. Sure, you can have them set up so that they can be opened without the transmitter, but generally electric gate automation offers a significantly higher level of security than regular gates. Particularly if you have video covering the entrance!

BFT offers an affordable solution to this form of secure gate opening. BTF is not only able to provide you with an affordable electric gate solution to improve the security of you and your family, but it does so with the backing of many years experience of providing such home security systems worldwide.

BFT Automated Gate Systems

Automated gate systems are available for sliding gates and also traditional swing gates. They can be constructed from hardwood, aluminium or even wrought iron – and all of these can be operated electrically! Beautiful wooden gates enhance the entrance to any domestic driveway, while imposing wrought iron barriers can protect business premises. Both can be opened and closed electrically using an automated system.

Secure Entrance Solutions: The level of security provided by electric gate automation is very high. The gates cannot be operated manually, and it is possible to place proximity sensors, infra-red detectors and motion detectors in the area to maximize security, should that be needed.

Domestic Security and Convenience: it should normally be sufficient for the entrance barriers to your home to be electrically operated. The major benefit of using such domestic installations is convenience. You drive up to your entrance, press a button and the gate opens with no need to leave your car! Many domestic garages operate on the same principle.

BTF offers a large range of automated gate openers that can be installed to operate your existing gates. BTF New Zealand can do this for you at the best possible price. Simply click to contact us and you will not only have taken the first step to increasing the security of your home, but also making life much easier for yourself. Open the entrance to your driveway with the touch of a button – and you can also do the same to open your garage door! BFT Motor

Electric Gate Automation Benefits: Summary

BFT has over 25 years experience in designing, installing and maintaining automatic electric gates. BFT can provide a higher level of customized home security to New Zealanders, and to residents of most countries around the world.

Yes, manually operated barriers are fun to open at times, and many believe they might look prettier than electrically operated gates, but what’s the difference? Any barrier can be electrically operated. Electric gate automation offers many benefits to government departments, large and small businesses and to homeowners worldwide. Security and ease of use are worth the relatively low cost of what is commonly known as electric gate automation. See what we can Design for You

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