Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates: The Use of Automatic Sliding Gate Systems


Sliding gates are useful in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. Automatic gates are common in gated communities where a keypad or remote control unit can be used to activate them.  They are also used at the entrance to industrial complexes where employees can activate them while visitors must pass through a gatehouse.


By installing sliding gates at the entrance to your property, you can increase both the security and the value of your home. Once you have made the decision to install such gates, you have a number of options available with respect to design, materials and modes of operation. First, here are the benefits of installing sliding gates on your property.


The Benefits of Sliding Gates

What do you do now to open the gate to your driveway? You drive up, get out of the car, unlock and open the gate, get into your car, drive through, and then go over the whole process again to close the gate and the drive up to your garage.

With automatic sliding gates you drive up, press a button and drive up to your garage. You save time and bother.  The entrance is also secure, because nobody can gain access unless they can also generate the signal to the actuator. Unwanted callers, dogs, cats and neighbors’ visitors that can find nowhere else to park can be kept out. Your children and your own pets can be kept in.


Sliding gates require no space in front or behind them to open.  If space is limited, such as your entrance is right on a highway and there is insufficient space for gates to open into your drive, then sliding gates are ideal. You can activate them as you approach, and have no need to stop in a highway or any other road to open the gates to your driveway.


How Automatic Electric Gates Work


Automatic electric sliding gates are actuated by powerful electric motors. These motors push or pull the gates to one side or the other to open and close them. The motors are actuated by a remote control signal.

You can have an infrared or radio remote control button on your dash, and also include a GSM intercom system that can be attached to your cell phone. Your cell can also be fitted with the radio controlled gates and you can have an electric eye that activates the gates when it senses the car.  That would allow access to anything that breaks the beam.


Irrespective of the technology behind them, you simply press a button or drive through a beam and your driveway gate will slide open. Beams are fine if you want anybody to enter your driveway, though most people prefer not and remote control is generally the preferred means of entry.


Tracking Systems for Sliding Gates

20130624_131547Most sliding gates run on wheels set in tracks laid on the entranceway.  The ground needs to be level for this, and able to accommodate a steel track laid across the entire double width of the gate. Where tracks are not convenient, the gate can be suspended from a cantilever so there is no need for tracks. The gate runs backwards and forwards on the cantilever wheels running on a track attached to the gate at the side of the entrance, with the gate pivoting on the wheels.


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