Video Security and Keypads

Convenience and Security of Automatic Driveway Gates

It is convenient to open the gates to your property, whether that is your home or business premises, without stopping and leaving your car. As stated earlier, automation has become popular for garage doors, so why not the entrance to your driveway? You may have a relatively small gate to your drive to keep dogs and other animals out, and it would be convenient to open it without having to leave your vehicle.

PIN Numbers and Keypads

For a more secure system, you visitors will need to be able to attract your attention when they arrive. A keypad could be used, and your visitors could be given the PIN code prior to their visit. This is fine for prearranged visits, but what about incidental visitors?

Most people opt for an intercom at the gate, much the same as apartments have intercoms to enable visitors to gain access to the apartment block.  This would generate a signal when activated: a bell, or chimes, so that two-way communication can be enabled. A more sophisticated system can have a video link so you can see who is calling. Entrance can then be permitted from inside the property.

Remote Gate Automation and Video Links

More sophisticated systems can be set up whereby all doors and gates to the property can be controlled remotely, with audio or video links situated by each one. Each can also be fitted with a keypad.  These pads can be programmed as desired, with individual PIN codes authorized for each family member. Incidental visitors can be issued with temporary PINs, with unplanned visits being monitored by video and gates opened remotely from the house.


Each person is different in his or her need for automatic gates. Security systems can operate single or multiple gates. However, most people are using automation for their driveways because it is more convenient than stopping the car. Why have an automatic garage door if you still have to stop to open your gate!


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