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Bespoke Entrance Solutions

Woodside Bay Estate: Driveway Security Gates and Intercom System The stunning Woodside Bay Estate driveway security gates were installed in a marine environment which can be particularly harsh on driveway gates and their essential structural components. High winds and saltwater spray demand a corrosion-resistant construction with secure footings and strong...
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Aluminium Gates

Aluminium Gates: Automatic Gates in Aluminium Aluminium gates are both strong and light enough in weight to enable them to be easily opened and closed. Automatic gates in aluminium are particularly popular because they can be powered with significantly lower powered electric motors than are required for cast iron or...
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Automated Swing Gates

Automatic gates save time and effort, just as automatic garage doors do. In fact, if your garage door is automated, it seems a bit counter-productive to have to stop at the gate to your driveway to open it manually and then activate the garage door. There are several types of...
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