“Rusticated Iron” Automatic Gate and Window Screens

 “Rusticated Iron” Gate and Windows Screens


This gate automation project lasted for four weeks from design to completion at the client’s two development properties.

It involved the design and installation of the following individual components:

  • An automated driveway gate in aluminium
  • A custom built intercom system fashioned in aluminium
  • A pool gate
  • Frameless glass pool balustrading
  • Hinged decorative opening screen for windows at varying levels in aluminium
  • A water feature in welded steel
  • A Pedestrian Gate


The aluminium and steel components were coated with a six-coat liquid iron paint that formed an instant rusted finish. This was to provide an authentic rusted iron look to the whole project.

Automated Driveway Gate:

The driveway gate is an automatic electrically-operated single swing gate that can be remotely opened.R11 Visitors can request access by means of a custom built intercom system. The liquid iron paint provides a very authentic rusted iron appearance, as though the gate has been in place for some years.




Intercom System

The intercom system is custom designed to provide the functionality required by the client.

daves 079This is obviously confidential, although it permits keypad code entry and two-way conversation prior to the drive gate being opened.




Pool Gate and Glass Balustrade:

The pool gate is designed to prevent unauthorized access by small children. The glass balustrade fencing provides security while also enabling a clear view of the pool area. The glass itself meets the required levels of safety and resistance to breakage, and will remain intact under all possible levels of impact for this type of installation.


Hinged Window Screens;

The Screens are use on three levels of windows, and are easily opened and close. R7

They are also fashioned using aluminium, and have been painted to provide the same aged rusted iron effect as the automated driveway gate.




Water Feature:

A water feature involves a welded steel feature to enable water to flow from a slit at the top of a wall down to a pebbled courtyard. R10

The entire effect offers the peaceful sound of water flowing down a wall into a courtyard planted with tropical ferns and palms.

A pedestrian gate was also installed at the side of the waterfeature.




The objective of this project was to design and install the above components of the gate automation project and to provide an aged iron effect to the aluminium used.

Aluminium gates are lighter than iron and steel, and easier to control using electric motors and gearing.

Sliding Gate 4The Beninca automated electric gate drive systems used were ideal for this project, and the porters Liquid iron six-coat paint also provide the ideal rusted effect. It looks a solid, powerful and well-established barrier.



It is amazing that this entire project was completed from conception to reality in just four weeks. The overall functionality, appearance and decorative effect of the work carried out are of an extremely high standard for an extremely satisfied client. The gate automation operates perfectly as do the other components.



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