Add value to your property with Automated Gates

Add Value to Your Property with Automated Gates


It is easy to add value to your property with automated gates. How much you add will depend a great deal on the area you live in, the type of property you have and the design and functionality of the automated gates you choose. Here are some comments on each of these.


Automated Gates in Your Neighbourhood


Automated gates have their place, and they can look out of place in certain areas. However, there are certain neighbourhoods where gated driveways are common, and even if not who is to say yours cannot be the first?  Swing or sliding gates look cool, particularly on a driveway, although they can also be used for access to commercial properties, schools, nurseries and to emergency parking areas closed to the public.


However, with regard to being able to a value to your property, we shall confine our discussions here to residential properties. You home is very valuable to you, likely being the largest investment you will ever make in your entire life. Not only do you want it to retain its value, but also to increase its value and so improve your equity.


Benefits of Adding Value to Your Property


The equity on a home or commercial property is a very valuable investment to have.  You can use it for many things, including getting a loan for a car and even another mortgage if you want to purchase more property.  It enables you to upgrade and purchase a more prestigious home, if that’s what you want. And why not – you have worked hard for what you have, and anything that improves your equity must be good.


Adding value to your property increases your own financial security, and if you have children, it also gives them the security of a good inheritance. This is not being maudlin, but realistic. Everybody wants to leave their kids something when they go, and we all must go, so anything you can do to add value to your property will be worthwhile.


Installing automated gates is one of these things. You will not only add value to your property with automated gates but also increase your own security and make life easier for yourself. Simply roll up to your drive and press a button – your gates will open. They may be swing gates, double swing gates or sliding gates, but they will open for you without you getting out of your car.


There are several ways of opening automated gates: 


  • By a signal from your car, so when your drive close enough they open,
  • By remote control, so can press a button to make them work from inside our outside your car,
  • By pressure pad,
  • Keypad control or
  • From a button in your home.


The day will come when all you need do is to blink an eye, but not yet! You can install an intercom system to communicate with anybody needing access. If they are genuine, press a button by your intercom and the gates will open. Add CCTV to that and you have an ideal personal security system in operation.


For simple domestic situations, where all you want to do is have a gate to your drive to keep out fly parking or animals, a simple swing gate, opening inwards or outwards, will be enough. Have it operating from your car by keypad, and you will keep out unwanted visitors


You can certainly add value to your property with automated gates. Those that have done so can back this up. Not only will you have greater security, but the entrance to your home will look better and its equity will consequently increase

Automated gates undoubtedly add value to your property, whether that is residential or commercial. The question is, how much? In some cases it might be worthwhile installing automatic swing gates to your driveway in order to get a higher offer for your home.

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