Motor Systems for Automatic Gates

Beninca Motor Systems for Swing and Sliding Gates


Beninca motor systems are designed to operate swing and sliding gates and door opening systems in general. They are widely used to operate automated garage doors, for instance, and also pool gates to keep the pool area safe from young children (or vice versa).


If you have the need for a motor and control system for a sliding or swing gate of any kind, then Beninca motor systems will meet your needs. The company is at the top of its class for motors of this type, and is the go-to firm for automated door motors.


Why use Automated Gates?


Automatic gates and doors are used for driveways, garages, access to gated residential areas, elevators, access to commercial and industrial complexes, and even for access to your pool as referred to above. They offer a higher degree of security than unlocked gates, and are preferred by many to gates fitted with regular locks – they can be broken, picked or cut away.


Automated swing and sliding gates are operate by motors, not locks, and cannot be forced open.  The motors are generally hidden in boxes inside the gated enclosure.  That is what guaranteed their security. An intruder would have to be inside to reach the motor, and even then it cannot be activated without the correct signal.


Beninca Motor Systems: Motor Options


Residential: Beninca motor systems are extremely reliable which is why we use them. The company offers a range of motors for residential, commercial or industrial use.  For residential needs, such as swing or sliding gates for your driveway, Beninca offers a 24 Volt DC geared motor with a built-in control unit.


The motors are fitted with anti-crush system that responds when the gate feels a resistance to closing. If you or your vehicle is caught by the gate, it will automatically open again, just as most underground train and elevator doors do. Not only that, but should there be a power failure to your home, then there is a back-up battery that will operate your doors.


Magnetic limit switches are also available to enable you to decide at what point the door should stop opening. Another of the Beninca motor systems uses a domestic 230V AC source of electricity. This operates in just the same way as the AC model including the availability of magnetic limit switches. This is single phase, so suitable for domestic installations.



Commercial swing and sliding doors are generally larger and heavier than those used in domestic properties, and the motors have to be able to handle the extra weight. A typical commercial gate weighs 800-1500 Kg or up to 1.5 tons.


The BULL series by Beninca can handle these weights. The AC versions include the oil-lubricated BULL80M motor and the BULL15M, suitable for the higher weight door at 1.5 tonnes. There is also a 24V DC model available to handle such weights:  the BULL10M.



Industrial doors ae even heavier: up to 4.5 tons. Beninca motor systems are available for weights up to 2,000 Kg (Bull20 series) and 4,500 KG (Beninca BISON range). Each of the Beninca motor systems are top of the range systems suitable for the weight of door they have been designed to drive: residential, commercial or industrial, and swing or sliding doors.


Beninca motor systems are suitable for all type of gates, from residential to heavy industrial use. If you need a reliable motor to operate your gates with integral safety features and remote control, the Beninca is among the best.  That is why our gates are driven using the Beninca automation system.

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